Sunday, October 17, 2010


Julian Casablancas

Favorite band ever.

Favorite second band.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Heads Will Roll
-Date With The Night

The Shins

The Kooks
-Ooh La

Regina Spektor
-Poor Little Rich Boy
-Real Love
-Blue Lips

The Virgins-Rich Girls

Fleet Foxes-White Winter Hymnal

-Postcards From Italy
-My Wife
-Elephant Gun
-Sunday Smile

The Velvet Underground-After Hours

-Let Me Kiss You
-All You Need is Me
-Everyday is Like Sunday
-You Have Killed Me

The Smiths
-There is a Light That Never Goes Out
-How Soon is Now

Adam Green
-Dance With Me
-Chubby Princess

Grizzly Bear-Two Weeks

The Maccabees
-First Love
-Toothpaste Kisses
-No Kind Words

There is my some favorites.Hope you like it. Listen some songs and say to me what do you think about this bands. And of course say your favorite songs, bands or singer.I would like to listen your favorites.Loves.


  1. Great choices, I love so many of these! The Shins are like my favorite band in the world, I can always listen to them. And then Grizzly Bear, oh my god, they are brilliant.

  2. This is probably the most interesting collection I've seen! I've been interchanging between The Smiths, The Strokes, The Kooks, Regina Spektor and Yeah Yeah Yeahs all weekend!

    Only hearing about Beirut and Grizzly Bear for the first time. Definitely going to do some browsing on these two! Thanks!