Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Winter

I think i'm a 'winter girl'.Yes i love sunny and warm day,summer vacation,eating ice-cream etc. But i love the winter deep in my heart. I make a list what i like in winter.Here is:
  • Watching pouring rain in my room window
  • Drinking a lot of hot chocolate,coffee or tea
  • Wearing knitwear,beret and boots
  • Staying in bed at cold and chilly day,
  • Reading book on the bus or train when the raindrops hit the window
  • Watching the people whose trying to escape rain
  • Walking with friend or boyfriend under the umbrella
  • Smelling air after the rain (It's my favorite)
  • Feeling wind on your face
These are my favorite thing in winter.What's your favorite?
Have a great week.Loves.

PS.Thank you for all your sweet and kind comment.I'm soo happy to join blogosphere.


  1. your blog is so lovely!
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  2. wow, great photos! I´m folowing you, love your style. I hope you like my blog. xoxo